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LSE 700 Rapid Cure Cement Patch fast setting concrete repair


LSE 7000 HD Rapid Cure Cement Patch
The low shrinkage, rapid setting, reinforced heavy duty patch
for concrete.

LSE 7000 HD Cement Patch is a low-shrink, fast setting, fiber reinforced, resin modified heavy duty concrete repair mortar designed for use when a rapid strength gain is needed to minimize downtime.

LSE 7000 is a cement based compound having similar characteristics to normal Portland cement mixes.

It is bondable and compatible with Portland cement concretes. It does not contain chlorides or magnesium phosphates.

LSE 7000
provides the following advantages:
Attains 2500 psi in 1 hour
Can be opened to traffic in 1 hour
Resists salt penetration and freeze / thaw damage
Contains no Chlorides or Magnesium Phosphate
Low shrinkage
Non metallic
Meets ASTM C 928: Specifications for Very Rapid Hardening Cementitious Materials
Can be applied in cold temperatures; down to 40°F
Extendable with 3/8” pea gravel up to 60% (30 LBS) for repairs greater than two inches deep.


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LSE 7000 Concrete Patch Recommended for:
  • Concrete Highways
  • Airport Runways
  • Bridge Decks
  • Parking Structures
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Loading Docks
  • Industrial and Warehouse Floors



Especially formulated to meet the ASTM C 928 requirements for Packaged, Dry, Very Rapid Hardening Cementitious Materials for Concrete Repair.

Typical Properties
Flowable 7 pts water 1 hour 2500 psi
    3 hours 3500 psi
    24 hours 6000 psi
    7 days 7300 psi
    28 day 7900 psi
Bond Strength ASTM C 882   1 day 1950 psi
    7 days 2290 psi


  • 50 lb multi-wall bags
  • 56 bags per pallet
  • One year when stored unopened in original bags and stored in dry conditions.


Surface Preparation

Follow ACI standards for surface preparation.

Remove all grease, oils, waxes, release agents and any other impedance to adhestion. Concrete substrates shall be structurally sound and free of standing water. A rough surface profile will maximize adhesion. Saw cut the perimeter of the repair to a maximum of 1/2 inch deep. Saturate the surface with water and remove standing water.


LSE 7000 requires only water for mixing. Use 6-1/2 to 7 pints per 50 pound container.

Place water in the mix vessel first and add the dry ingredients while mixing. Mix for 3 to 5 minutes until all lumps are dispersed and the mix is consistent. Use a mud paddle with a drill or a LSE Pail Mixer. A mortar mixer may be used for larger batches.

Wash equipment periodically with water to prevent material build up.

Do not "temper' the material with additional water and do not add admixtures.

For repairs greater than 2 inches in depth, add clean 3/8 inch pea gravel up to 30 pounds per 50 pound batch.


Place the material as soon as it is mixed. Working time is 15 minutes (less in hot weather). Push firmly into the void and assure that all the void surface is in contact with the fresh material. Trowel smooth and texture as needed.

* In hot and windy conditions, soak the repair area with water or use an approved bonding agent. The repair area should be covered with wet burlap or coated with a latex curing compound.


Do not temper after initial mixing. Do not add other cements or additives.

Health and Safety

Read and follow all MSDS instructions for the LSE 7000 and for all other materials used concurrently at the job site. CAUTION: Contains cementitious materials; wear rubber gloves and appropriate dust mask-avoid breathing dust. Avoid contact With skin and eyes--irritation and burns may occur. If contacted in eyes, flush with clean potable water and seek medical attention. Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water after handling.



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