Cement Repair Installation Instructions

Permanent Concrete Crack Repair
Dormant Cracks

EPO-TOXY™ Multi-Purpose Construction Epoxy is used to make permanent crack repairs replacing temporary rubber and asphalt materials presently being used. EPO-TOXY™ is colored to blend in with existing concrete.

The method used is know as ROUTING and SEALING. Routing enlarges the crack along the exposed face. EPO-TOXY™ is manufactured with ingredients to allow for flexibility through large temperature variations.


Concrete Crack Repair Step One

All areas to be repaired must be structurally sound. Remove all deteriorated concrete, dirt, asphalt, oil, grease and any bond inhibiting material from the failed area.

Enlarge the exposed face of the crack 1/2" or larger with router or grinder to a depth of 3/4" in depth.

Sweep failed area clean with broom or blow area clean with an air compressor. The area to be repaired must be dry.

Remove dust in routed crack with Xylene on a damp rag to assure adhesion.

Concrete Epoxy Step Two

Mix only as much EPO-TOXY™as can be easily placed within 15 to 20 minutes. This epoxy sets initially in approximately 20 minutes.

The Epoxy Resin and Hardener are manufactured with multiple viscosity products. You must shake, roll, stir or agitate each pail prior to mixing.

Mix Mechanically. Use an appropriate size electric hand drill with jiffler or paint mixer.

Pour equal amounts of A and B compounds into mixing container. When thoroughly blended, slowly add silica sand at a ratio of one part sand to one part of thoroughly mixed A & B compounds. Sand or aggregate must be thoroughly coated with EPO-TOXY™ before applying to the area to be repaired. Use #4 sand blasting sand.

Seal Cracks in Concrete Step Three

Apply EPO-TOXY™ with airgun, pour bucket or trowel.

Illustration of Crack Repair

Xylene or any aromatic solvent is used to clean up tools. Tools may be cleaned up with water if EPO-TOXY™ is still wet after installation.

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