Month: August 2020

Finding Motivation to Do Homework

Homework has always been part of a student’s life while in school. Most students have difficulties when it comes to doing their homework. We all need a few guidelines on how to get around the scenario quickly. Below are directions on how to get that motivation: Find your Inspiration. Keep in mind the relevance of […]

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Excellent homework debate

The argument about homework assignments has been raging for years, with discussions going back and forth between less and more homework for students. Currently, the debate is louder because there is a perception that children get more assignments in lower level grades. Research shows that the homework quantity for children between six to nine years […]

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Effects of much homework on children’s’ health

Research has shown that teachers assign students inordinately massive quantity of homework than the recommended; this leads to undesirable health effects. When teachers force students to do much homework higher than their levels, it can lead to high-stress levels to parents and children. Both national PTA and national education associations support a 10-minute policy per […]

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