Month: July 2020

Motivation to do homework

With the struggles in our daily life and the loads of work to be done, students may need the motivation to do homework. It is not easy having to spend 8 hours in the classroom and yet returning with about two to three hours of assignment. Stress, tiredness, and even anxiety may set in. They […]

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Should kids have homework?

Gone are the days when it was only students who seem to complain long hours of homework. Parents and teachers alike thought it was the best way to ensure continuity of classroom lessons. However, things have changed. Some parents are now backing the scrapping of homework or total hours reduction. Aside from that, various research […]

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Why is homework important

Despite the numerous controversies surrounding homework, nobody has proved that it has zero impact on students’ development. Homework is believed to improve academic achievement, time management, and inculcate a sense of discipline into the student.  That is not to say that it is 100% perfect with no flaws. At least, there is proof that long […]

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