Motivation to do homework

With the struggles in our daily life and the loads of work to be done, students may need the motivation to do homework. It is not easy having to spend 8 hours in the classroom and yet returning with about two to three hours of assignment. Stress, tiredness, and even anxiety may set in. They therefore need a little more morale to have their night assignments done. But where and how would they find the inspiration? Here are a few steps to get your homework done without a struggle.

  1. Start your day motivated

Starting each day, well-motivated goes a long way in achieving a fulfilled day. It should be a regular ritual and not when you only have homework to do. Identify something that keeps you motivated during your bad times and use it to your advantage.

  1. Reward Yourself

Getting a tedious and long hours work done is no mean achievement. Just as people are rewarded for doing a fantastic job, you can also reward yourself for getting that important homework done. Rewarding yourself can be in different forms. Buying yourself a drink, taking an hour’s break, enjoying your favorite program, or even playing a game could be the reward. Doing this with your achievements in mind, and you would always be inspired to do more.

  1. Work with another person

Working alone for long hours can be very boring and stressful. In doing a long hour homework, you can invite a classmate over to do it together. Sharing ideas can make the work easier and get you motivated to do more. When boredom sets in, at least you will have a chat or play partner. Note: if you are doing the same assignment, do not copy each other.

  1. Choose a conducive place for your homework

You can derive inspiration from the environment you are working. If you do your homework in a shambolic and scattered environment, you would surely get demotivated. Instead, choose a serene and conducive place, especially when you have long hours of work to do. If you cannot get such a place at home, go out. It can be at your community library or under a tree where you can get fresh air.

  1. Find the right time

We all an ideal time in the day that we become productive and would want to do serious work. As a student, identify that particular time, and that can be the best time to do your homework. With that, you are already self-motivated and wouldn’t need external enthusiasm.

  1. Keep reminding yourself of your purpose for schooling

Unlike kids who attend school just because their parents have asked them to, every adult takes that decision and have reasons for it. Some are workers seeking to upgrade themselves to gain promotion, for career purposes, or to learn a skill. You wouldn’t want to give up on your dreams just because of homework. Therefore, keep reminding yourself of this purpose, and that will keep you motivated to do your assignment.


Your dreams and aspirations towards life should be enough motivation to cross every hurdle, including homework that may come your way. Keep yourself in check and find the best way that suits you.

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